MAGICBOO- The one stop beauty centre
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7 September 2006
Chan Li Jin

Ladies, beware! Whether you are a retailer, beauty business owner or customer, if you have beauty products in mind, you will never feel the same way about your supplier once you have set foot into MAGICBOO.

The record-holder for the largest beauty showroom in Malaysia (26,000 sf, located at the Mall Shopping Complex, Kuala Lumpur) also boasts of having the most number of outlets in the country, with 35 outlets nationwide. Soon they will also be expanding to Singapore, where a 6,000 sf outlet will be opened, making it the largest beauty showroom in the Lion City.

Even with such a big business model, the company directors remain modest about their achievements. According to Winson Chang, Finance Director of MAGICBOO, there's nothing magical about the running of the business as their main policy is simply to make life easier for anyone seeking beauty products.

"We started off in 2000 as a beauty product wholesaler. Our secret is in maintaining our cost low so that our products are more affordable to more people. This is made possible by dealing directly with our suppliers to eliminate agents’ fees. What we save is shared with our customers," reveals Winson.

As their business became more established, they decided to go into retail as well when they found more women walking into their outlets to make small purchases. It was a natural progression for them to become a one-stop center when they started stocking more varied products from all over the world.

"For instance, we can have a customer from the nail art department who comes in looking for nail clippers and buffing slates. It's highly likely that she will also need the paints and other accessories that come along with it. If she cannot find it at our shop, she would need to take the trouble to go to another shop.

So we started sourcing for everything that a women might need whether for her business or personal use," says Winson, adding that they have now more than 5,000 categories of products ranging from hair care products, spa sets, health products, skin care, slimming, hot spring equipments, accessories and more.

The fact that they have grown by leaps and bounds in just over 6 years is a testament of their concept's success. Winson says that their success lies in providing:

  1. Large variety of choices
  2. Competitive prices, since they are direct importers
  3. Many outlets- to provide convenience
  4. Advertising- to inform customers of latest promotions
  5. Latest beauty trends at trade shows such as the annual Beauty Expo
  6. After-sales service for technical advice on machineries

"Our staff is also very important to us, so we try to make everyone feel as part of a family instead of workers. We even have a uniform, so that everyone knows they are equal no matter what their position is," says Winson.

He adds, "It's like playing football, where the whole team has to cooperate to get the ball into the goal. If our sales team is strong but our transportation slacks, our goods will not be delivered on time and we’ll lose the business. So we need everyone to cooperate and commit to make things work, just like football player."

Recently, they have introduced the MAGICBOO Business Plan, where they affiliate themselves with 6 banking institutions to give credit services to their customers. Since the Plan was started early this year, they have had more than 100 people signing up for it.

"We realised that most of our customers buy in bulk and their purchases can come up to thousands of tens of thousands of ringgit. The MAGICBOO Business Plan allows them to make monthly instalments to ease their financial burden," explains Winson.

He hopes that the Plan will help enterprising young women who want to start their own businesses but lack the funds to do so. "It's part of our contribution to the industry, since we have a big network throughout the country and can reach out to women in almost every town," he says.

The only conditions for the Plan are that the purchases are made in a single receipt and the applicants have credit cards with their affiliated banks.

"Our ultimate aim is to make MAGICBOO a household name for beauty products. If people can associate beauty products with MAGICBOO, then we would have achieved our aim," concludes Winson.

To know more or to find the nearest MAGICBOO near you, please call 603-9171 6868 or visit

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Official Beauty Portal:

Visit us at booth No. 1Q32

6 - 9 October 2006, Hall 1 and 2
Putra World Trade Centre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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